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Spray corporal
Mezclas Difusor

Fixed points of sale in CDMX

Free Mini-Center Hare / Black Axolote-Coyoacán / El huacal -Roma Norte

Our products

Mixes for ultrasonic diffuser

Our diffuser blends will bring you the benefits of essential oils in an entire room.

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Topical roll on

Do you want to help your body manage your emotions?

We have different Roll ons for each of these unbalanced emotions.

Body Sprays

You don't have a diffuser ...?

It doesn't matter, our sprays are designed to be used at all times,  to connect with its ingredients and thus obtain its benefits.

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Ultrasonic Diffusers

The best way to take advantage of all the benefits of essential oils diffusers is with cold-mist Ultrasonic diffusers.

From Nature for you

Since ancient times, essential oils have been used for various purposes from medicinal to cosmetic or culinary, they are liquids that are extracted  from different parts of plants and that within plants function as their immune system.

Aromatherapy works so effectively  that surely you already have  felt its benefits without realizing it ... for example, when you are in a pine forest or when you have  I smelled a flower and you have been delighted with its aroma, that's when you have already experienced the amazing benefits of essential oils.  


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